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How to clean your leather watch straps

by Mercedesz

 A leather watch band can be the perfect way to bring style and class to your wrist. But if you want it looking good for years, like anything else that’s such a natural product, there are certain things you need to do from time to time. That is why we stock so many different high-quality straps here – including our bestselling Rally Watch Straps and Classic Leather Watch Strap! You’ll find out exactly what this entails in this brief easy-to-follow guide on leather watch strap care and cleaning.

First, get together all the bits and bobs you’ll need:

– A soft cloth which doesn’t shed fibres, preferably quality microfibre
– Mild soap or leather cleaner
– A small bowl of water at body temperature
– Another dry towel
– Some leather conditioner

If possible, take the strap off your watch before you start. Not only does this make it easier to keep things clean but if something goes wrong during cleaning (for example water gets inside) then at least only one item will be damaged! If you’re not sure how to do this, check out your watch manual or ask a professional for help.

Carefully wipe any dirt or dust off the surface of the strap with a gentle touch using a soft dry cloth. This should be done before any other steps so as not to scratch the material when being cleaned.

After that mix up some mild soap/leather cleaner in lukewarm water in a bowl. Then take one corner of your cloth and dip it into this mixture before wiping over all parts of the leather wristband slowly and without pressing too hard – don’t let it get too wet though because too much moisture can damage natural materials such as skin. Use circular motions if there are areas which have got particularly grimy.

Once cleaning is completed, dampen another clean part of the cloth with plain lukewarm water and wipe away any soap residue. It is important to get rid of all the soap as leftover remnants can harm the leather. Next, dry up the band by tapping it with a dry towel and then allow it air-dry completely. Avoid direct sunlight or heat from appliances since they will lead to cracking or fading of the material.

When dry, apply a leather conditioner that will keep your strap flexible and prevent it from drying out. Use small amounts of the conditioner while gently rubbing onto its surface using only clean clothes. Do not rush reattaching it back onto the watch until you are sure every bit has been absorbed.

In order to maintain your leather watch straps in good shape here are some regular care tips:

– Water exposure: Leather does not do well with water so try as much possible to keep it dry at all times. When wet, dry off immediately.
– Direct Sunlight: Avoid leaving them under direct sunlight for too long because this may cause fading or even cracking on the strap.
– Rotate straps: Have several other bands and interchange them once in a while so that one does not get worn out quickly.
– Proper storage: When not using store at cool dry places where they cannot be crushed or scratched maybe by using their cases or having dedicated holders.

In brief, cleaning should be done regularly in order for these items preserve their beauty and last longer than expected. The Rally Leather Watch Straps and the Classic Watch Straps range offered by MoonStraps have been made with both style and durability in mind but still need some maintenance practices if they are to remain looking great always. By following through this guide then be rest assured of having a fashionable accessory on your wrist for many years into future. Visit us today look over our collection pick out one of our wide range of quality watch straps that will match well with your timepiece.

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